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Who We Are

We are experts who individually bring a unique skill set to Teknia Logistics and come together to give our customers the best quality products and services in the industry.  We understand that providing exceptional products isn’t enough.  It’s our goal to give customers the service and support they need in an ever-changing industrial environment. 

Jorge Monsalve
Manager: Purchasing/Sales

 813.918.8417 Cell
727.573.4343 Ofc

Laura Wickham
Accounting/Leasing Agent

727.573.4343 Ofc

Scott Page
General Manager
813.580.7733 Cell 
727.573.4343 Ofc

Louise Santopolo-Monsalve
Manager: Logistics/Shipping

727.573.4343 Ofc

Jean Person

813.495.0923 Cell
727.573.4343 Ofc

Dominic Desantis
Major Account Manager

727.573.4343 Ofc

Florjan Gjekaj
Certified Service Technician
727.573.4343 Ofc

Rick Sanford
Service Manager

727.573.4343 Ofc

Dilip Ashok
India/Asia Exports

727.573.4343 Ofc

Mike Gregory
Warehouse & Equipment Delivery 
727.573.4343 Ofc